My mission is to create exciting audiophile solutions with quality that is difficult to match.

My products provide unmatched value and will enhance your system at a reasonable price.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"

Current exchange rates are very favorable to customers in the US and Europe. Savings are roughly 30% or more


All Rollerblocks are now shipping with Grade 10 bearings.

Current shipping times are the following.

Level 2 systems typically ship out in 5-7 business days. Speaker footers are 10 business days.

Level 3's are a custom item and take many hours to machine and polish, these are made to order and are usually take 10-14 business days to ship. 

Vibration Isolation

2 Channel Stereo - These are placed under the chassis of the components instead of sitting on their feet. Placed under your pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, DAC and Redbook CD player and Turntable. My bearing isolation roller blocks will improve the performance of any component regardless of their cost.

There are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level up there is an increase in performance

Speaker Footers - Placed underneath or into the threaded holes of your favorite loudspeakers, these will greatly elevate their performance.  The threaded hole can be customized to match your speakers. These will work great with, Zu Audio, Dynaudio, Neat, Martin Logan and Paradigm speakers to name a few.

LEVEL 1 - RollerBlocks

$ 85 CAD

If you are new to isolation for your components, this is where you should start.

The aluminum bases are precision machined with to accommodate a 3/8 diameter ball. The race surface is silky smooth to the touch due to the diamond coating on my tools.

The overall height is just over 1".
Made from top quality forged 6061 aluminum and high carbon chrome steel ball bearings.

This is a high quality product and I guarantee their quality.

See my feedback page for results on their performance.

Made in Canada.

* Full set Includes (6) aluminum bases and (3) high carbon chrome steel balls (Grade 25)