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We have passion for great service and exceeding our customers expectations. We create exciting audio solutions with quality that is difficult to match.

We have 15 years of design, manufacturing experience. We have leveraged this knowledge to create high quality products at a fair price. 

We are passionate about great sound and exceptional quality.



$ 75 USD

This affordable isolation system is the perfect compliment to any component in your system. Use them under your amplifier, pre-amp, DAC, transport and blu-ray player. The sound stage in your system will open up beautifully. The sound stage will become much wider, taller and the bass definition will also tighten up. You will hear instruments in the mix you likely didn't notice before.
Members have used them under speakers as well with great results.

The aluminum bases are precision machined to accommodate a 3/8 diameter ball. The overall height is just over 1".
Made from top quality forged 6061 aluminum and high carbon chrome steel ball bearings.

This is a high quality product and I guarantee their quality.

See my feedback page for results on their performance.

Made in Canada.

* Full set Includes (6) aluminum bases and (3) high carbon chrome steel balls (Grade 25)

Coming very soon - 7075 - large radius bearing isolation. Many have been asking for these so here they are. I must admit they are very, very good indeed. I am taking orders for them now. Send me a note and I will put yours on the list

Vibration Isolation - New designs

2 Channel Stereo - Placed under your amplifiers, DAC and Redbook CD player, you will get the best possible performance. Our bearing isolation roller blocks will improve the performance of any equipment regardless of their cost. See the testimonial page for reviews

Speaker Footers - Placed under or threaded into the holes of your favorite loudspeakers, these will greatly elevate their performance.  See the testimonial page for reviews. These work great under Zu Audio and many other speakers

Stereo and speaker stands

Sleek lines and strong foundation. These will make your equipment look and sound better. 20 or 300 pounds of equipment, our stands are built to handle the weight with ease.

Custom Machining and 3D Design

Have you ever said "I wished they made something like this" Let us know what your needs are and we will make it happen.

Speaker footers - Floor standing speakers

Zu Audio pictured below

ZU Audio Speaker Footer