Price is what you pay, value is what you receive. I believe these are one of the best values, to improve your system, available today. 

There are many customer reviews on forums around the world, they are resoundingly positive. I encourage you to give the Level 3V3's an opportunity to prove themselves to you. I'm very, very confident in your 100% satisfaction.

Current exchange rates are very favourable to customers in the US and Europe. Prices are in Canadian Funds. For multiple sets, please email me on the contact page.

The incredible Ferrum Audio OOR, ERCO and Hypsos can be found in Canada at our full service audio store - AudioTwo.com . The link is below the news section. The reviews are all true. Try the Hypsos with a Roon Nucleus server…this is a game changer.


All Rollerblocks ship with 1\2" High carbon steel Grade 10 bearings.

Current shipping times are the following. 

USA - 7-10 days - I will ship 3 days after order.

EU - 7-10 days - I will ship 3 days after order.

Level 3 - Version 3 - IN STOCK now - JAN 17 2024.  I have designed them to accommodate the height a growing number of larger feet on components. The overall height with the bearing is 1.050". These will now clear Hegel components no need to remove feet. Dish geometry remains the same and performance has never been better. Cost is $240 CDN  

New Level 2v3 BLACK ANODISE - now IN STOCK - JAN 17 2024. These have a 8mm tapped hole in the bottom so they can be used also under speakers or mounted to a platform. The are very solid and great for heavier components. These have high speed machine smooth surface. Performance is elevated from the outgoing back anodized version

Level 2 and Level 3 can be purchased using the button below. This will bring you the AudioTwo.com store

Vibration Isolation

2 Channel Stereo - These are placed under the chassis of the components instead of sitting on their feet. Placed under your pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, DAC and Redbook CD player and Turntable. My bearing isolation roller blocks will improve the performance of any component regardless of their cost.

There are Level 2 and Level 3. Each level up there is an increase in performance. 

Speaker Footers - Placed underneath or into the threaded holes of your favourite loudspeakers, these will greatly elevate their performance.