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Vibration Isolation

Electronics have components inside that vibrate at a very high frequency. They are also subject to exterior vibrations, sound from speakers. CD or Blueray transports have discs that spin at high rates. Placed under your Redbook CD player, Blu-Ray player, home theatre receiver, DAC & amplifiers, you will get their best possible performance. My ball bearing isolation roller blocks will improve the performance of your equipment.


LEVEL 3 - Version 3- 7075 RollerBlock - 3" radius

$ 199 CAD

These are made from 1.5" forged 7075 aluminum, machined and polished up to a 2000 emery finish. These are meant to be used open face with the included (3) 1/2" bearings. Used under the chassis of any component, you will see a large improvement in your system. They are nothing short of amazing. Overall height is 1.050"

Incuded are (3) bases and (3) bearings. 

Ball Bearing Isolation - Benefits

What can expect after installing these under your components? The sound stage in your system will open up beautifully, the sound stage will become much wider, taller and the bass definition will also tighten up. You will hear instruments in the mix you likely didn't notice before.

Speaker Footers (Pair) - 7075 Aluminum

$ 549 CAD

These speaker footers will enhance the sound from your speakers considerably. Treble, midrange and bass really come to life. They can be used under your tower speakers or speaker stands (includes 8mm tapped holes)

Price is for a pair of speakers - (16) bases, (8) 3/8" bearings and (8) threaded studs for your speakers

Level 2 v2

$ 95 CAD

Made from 7075 aluminum these are the best place to start when looking to isolate components in your system. Height is .88" Below is the general component path for isolating components. Transport->DAC->Pre-amp->Amplifier->Server Included is (3) bases and (3) 1\2" bearings