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Vibration Isolation

Electronics have components inside that vibrate at a very high frequency. They are also subject to exterior vibrations, sound from speakers. CD or Blueray transports that have discs that spin at high rates. Placed under your Redbook CD player, Blu-Ray player, home theatre receiver, DAC & amplifiers, you will get their best possible performance. My ball bearing isolation roller blocks will improve the performance of your equipment. They will not roll around, it is as if they are floating in place. Give the component a gentle push and they float back into place in a few seconds.


Ball Bearing Isolation - Benefits

What can you expect after installing these under your components? The sound stage in your system will open up beautifully, the sound stage will become much wider, taller and the bass definition will also tighten up. You will hear instruments in the mix you likely didn't notice before.