David in France

I installed the 7075 SE's under my speakers during the holidays. I have gained better instrument separation and more "snap" and overall better definition. My system is accurate and very, very fast. It remains natural  or "natu-real". Very good job, quality is top notch.

This is from CAM member - Mercury

Hi Mike, they look fantastic and sound even better!

Here is what he wrote on the Decware site:

http://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/Y ... 53455657/0
Received my Ingress Audio Engineering Isolation Roller Blocks for my Anedio D2 Dac and also my Zu SuperFly Speakers.

One word: WOW. :)

This is the biggest tweak I have made to made system to date. They are also beautifully made and hand polished. Here are pics before I get to how they sound:

Ok, they look good, how do they sound: Wow. When I said this is the single biggest tweak so far, I mean it. It is on par with the difference the Audiophilleo with PurePower made to my system. They are extremely neutral and not tone controls. There is a very noticeable increase of transparency and resolution, both high and low level detail. I also noted a more focused and cohesive sound stage, but more importantly for me, a much more fluid, organic and relaxed sound. No trace of the 'digital' harshness or edge that I cannot stand.

Interestedly, the improvement is very similar to the benefits of low jitter with the addition of the Audiophilleo and battery PurePower. That change was especially obvious for me with high resolution recordings. It made them sound glorious, so natural, organic, fluid and relaxed. I found compelled to listen to music louder then my CD quality music. Zero irritation for long listening periods. The Ingress Audio's Isolation Bearings has now brought my regular CD quality recordings up to almost the same level as my high rez music. I can no longer hear such a large difference between the two.

I am so impressed with these babies. The best tweak, I have tried. It very cool is touch the speakers or dac and see them rock back and forth effortlessly. They feel like they hovering in mid air.

Mike is a pleasure to deal with and he gladly made custom threaded ones for my speakers for a small machining cost.

Canuck Audio Mart - Member Review - Pfloyd -

Hi Micheal,I tried the isolators last Saturday under my CD player,which was in direct comparison to my symposium roller block2, tungsten. I feel your isolators gave a smoother, more relaxed top end that was easier to listen to. The mid-band seemed to have more detail and articulation. This is a very nice product and your workmanship is top notch.

Thank you

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